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King Wen Trigrmas, one of the Ancient Chinese Divination. According to legend, invented by King Wen of Zhou. The King Wen Trigrmas was developed from the I-Ching (易經), using the combination between Yin (陰) and Yang (陽) to form a list Divinatory Symbols (卦象), also included the Six Ancient Creature for implication about the relationship between the subjective parties and the objective issues.

The Ong Metaphysics Group (OMG) formed in 2004, founded by Master Tommy Ong, developed a system of King Wen Trigrmas Enquiry Service:
i) Based on your own coin flipping (Master Tommy can do the coin clipping for you but most likely this is better for your own choice)
ii) Enquiry should be focused to a specified target (such as your business partner, lover, or someone you want to check with the relationship)
iii) Be Patient, focused your mind and replacing the question in mind when flipping the coin
iv) Enquiry result of your questions can be also compared with your personal fortune information