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Feng Shui, is the collection with different kinds of expertise such as geography, environmentalology, psychology and also with the ancient chinese astrology and metaphysics. The theory of I-Ching (易經) mentioned that humans are connected with the natural world, so the sunshine, the moon light, the wind, the river as a part of environment near you can affecting your fortune.

Feng Shui theory is mainly based on the changes between Yin (陰) and Yang (陽) theory of metaphysics, with the Tian (天) (of the universe, the sun, etc.) and Di (地) (earth, geographical environment) and Human (人) (people living in the world), using the theory of five groups of elements (五行) Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water, to make you feel more confortable at your living or working environment.

The Ong Metaphysics Group (OMG) formed in 2004, founded by Master Tommy Ong, developed a systematic method of Feng Shui Consultation Service:
i) Outside environmental researching
ii) Inside building structural analysis
iii) Record of points for attention with a detail check list
iv) Consultation result of environmental factors can be also compared with your personal fortune information