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Tommy Ong

Tommy Ong is the co-founder of the Channel Eight, an international corporate focused on the sharing of BaZi, Feng Shui, I-Ching, Mian Xiang and other Chinese Metaphysics subjects. He is the Chief Consultant of Ong Metaphysics Group, a worldwide group of specialists in Bazi and Chinese Astrology services and Feng Shui audits. Tommy Ong is an author on Bazi, Feng Shui, Chinese Astrology, Face Reading and I-Ching.

Customers from around the world have been audited of Bazi, Feng Shui, Chinese Astrology, and other Chinese Metaphysics subjects through Tommy's Bazi Diagnostics System, thru face-to-face and online platform. The style of Tommy Ong's diagnostics are currently served many customers around the world.

Every year, Tommy Ong conducts his annual 'Bazi and Astrology' forum to a crowd of people in our Hong Kong center. He further takes his annual forum on a world tour to Indonisia, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietian, China and Singapore.In addition to being a regular guest on Channel Eight, Tommy Ong has written columns for on Masterma.com - a Hong Kong's leading Chinese Astrology forum.